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Meridian Nut Bar

Almond and Peanut Flavour
£1.64(Incl. GST of £0.08)Details

Woodside Farm Shop Pimms & lemonade

Perfect Summer combination, a bottle of Pimms and R Whites...

Assorted box of 12 Belgian chocolates

Handmade Belgian chocolates

Woodside flowers wedding consultation

Getting married. Book one of our free wedding consultations...

Meridian Org Peanut Butter 1kg

Try on crackers and crumpets, add to cakes and bakes.
£7.13(Incl. GST of £0.34)Details

Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Serum

Hydrates mature skin, leaving it feeling supple and revitalized.
£49.00(Incl. GST of £2.33)Details

BBQ Charcoal


Assorted Coasters

We have a wide selection at various prices

Woodside Farm Shop Large Orchid

Large orchid various colours £15.00, pot may be added at...

Woodside Farm Shop Decorative Gifts handbag vase

A colourful and decorative handbag shaped vase.

Woodside Flowers Gifts

Decorative Lantern with Silk Arrangement

Higher Nature Apple Cider Vinegar

A digestive aid to support healthy weight.
£6.75(Incl. GST of £0.32)Details

Monthly Chocolate Subscription

Hand made Belgian chocolates delivered monthly


Microwable gorgeous cuddly hotties.

Assorted box of 24 Belgian chocolates

Handmade Belgian chocolates

Dark Chocolate Hokey Pokey

Delicious cinder toffee with real honey

Keep Jersey Farming Calendar

Keep Jersey Farming 2016 Calendar
£3.80(Excl. applicable taxes)Details

New Nordic Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets

£14.27(Incl. GST of £0.68)Details

Optibac for Women

Taken by women experiencing conditions such as UTIs, thrush,...
£8.33(Excl. applicable taxes)Details

Pharma Nord Statiqinon 60 caps

Good for your cholesterol levels.
£17.96(Incl. GST of £0.86)Details

Valentines Day box of hearts

Delicious chocolates for Valentines

Maximuscle Cyclone

£34.77(Incl. GST of £1.66)Details

Woodside Farm Shop Pongracz sparkling rose

Pongracz sparkling rose
£13.95(Incl. GST of £1.66)Details

Woodside Flowers Local Sunflowers

Jersey grown by Joe Friere large sunflowers £2.00 a stem.
£2.00(Incl. GST of £1.66)Details

Eat Water Products

Eat Water products slow digestion, they make it easier to...
£2.81(Incl. GST of £0.13)Details

Conscious Raw Chocolate

The original raw vegan chocolate
£2.80(Incl. GST of £0.13)Details

Nanny Goats Milk

Fortified with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients...
£12.89(Incl. GST of £0.61)Details

Woodside Farm Shop Nua prosecco and pink prosecco

Nua prosecco and rose nua prosecco

Regenerate Enamel Science

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ is the first system able to regenerate...
£8.81(Excl. applicable taxes)Details

Sun Warrior Proteins

Available in 1 kg bags - Vanilla, Chocolate & Natural
£35.99(Incl. GST of £1.71)Details

Tin of Sardines

French milk chocolate sardines

Lipotrim Weight Loss Programme

Lipotrim is a reliable, maximum rate weight loss programme...

Cherry Active Concentrate

Winner of the Best Supplement Award at the Natural Lifestyle...
£16.19(Incl. GST of £0.77)Details

Solgar Whey Proteins

£22.85(Incl. GST of £1.09)Details

Profusion Protein Bread

Profusion - Organic Nourishment
£3.07(Incl. GST of £0.15)Details

Valentines Day red heart shaped box

Luxurious Belgian chocolates with chocolate hearts

Meridian Almond Butter 1kg

Meridian Natural Almond Butter Whole Nut Spread
£13.19(Incl. GST of £0.63)Details

Natures Answer

L-Carnitine Raspberry Ketones & Green Coffee Bean with Green...
£26.99(Incl. GST of £1.29)Details

Woodside Farm Shop La Cremiere salted caramel sauce

Genuine Jersey La Cremiere salted caramel sauce.
£4.95(Incl. GST of £1.29)Details

Woodside Farm Shop Jersey Sea Salt

Table salt sourced from the Jersey sea

Lifestream Wheatgrass

Certified Organic Wheat Grass.
£21.79(Incl. GST of £1.04)Details

4kg Ultimate Treats

4kg ultimate treats are resealable for freshness and contain...
£8.24(Excl. applicable taxes)Details

Medibee Manuka Honey

UMF® Manuka honey has gained a worldwide reputation for its...
£12.09(Incl. GST of £0.58)Details

Assorted Gift Paper, Bags & Ribbons

From £99p

Go Kombucha Fermented Tea

Kombucha tea is a healthier alternative to high sugar drinks.
£2.42(Incl. GST of £0.12)Details

Milk Chocolate Hokey Pokey

Delicious cinder toffee with real honey

Higher Nature Smart Kids Range

New KIDS range developed with taste and texture in mind.
£7.19(Incl. GST of £0.34)Details

Natures Store Gluten Free Soup

Gluten Free Cup a Soups
£2.04(Incl. GST of £0.10)Details

Valentines Day

Luxury Valentines Day "I Love You" box of chocolates

Woodside Farm Shop Patés

Pheasant, Farmhouse, Brussels, Smoked Salmon and Ardennes...

Nekapa Capsules

Slimming capsules or a weight loss aid that work by helping...
£25.15(Incl. GST of £1.20)Details